Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Renfusa: An Introduction

Welcome to Renfusa.

We take our name and inspiration from Francis Bacon's The New Atlantis, a travelers' tale of a distant mysterious Pacific island (called Bensalem) where scientists and wonder-makers research the natural world and compile knowledge in order to help all humanity. One of the visitors to Bensalem asks how could this distant island possibly be full of Christians.

So the tale goes in Bacon's text, twenty years after the death of Christ, a holy apparition, in the form of a pillar of light, appeared off the coast of Bensalem. One of the sages of Salomon's House, the fraternity of technologists on Bensalem, went out on a boat and decided to offer a prayer to this pillar. The pillar vanished, and in its place appeared a cedar ark with a set of complete canonical Old and New Testaments, including books which hadn't been written yet.

The sage who prayed to the pillar of light came from a city called Renfusa.

Bacon and his contemporaries of the early 17th century sit astride that line between alchemy, mysticism, allegory and symbolism and the coming scientific revolution. We too wish to develop a distinctly liminal and bisociative point of view, and thus look at the weird through the lens of history and history through the lens of the weird.

Likewise, we'll also examine the modern world, popular culture, and our own particular obsessions with the same irreverence and curiosity we give to the historical.

Again, welcome to Renfusa. We hope you enjoy your time here.

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