Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ephemera: The New York 1939 Official World's Fair Pictorial Map

For Christmas last year my wife found an original 1939 World's Fair Pictorial Map on Amazon Books. Having been a huge fan of all World's Fairs and their histories, and having used the 1939 Fair quite prominently in a recent RPG campaign, I of course was delighted to have an original piece of ephemera1 from the New York World's Fair.
Tony Sarg, the artist who made this program, was a puppetmaker responsible for the designs of the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloons. This program was made near the end of his career, after his fortunes had declined, but his sense of whimsy and his distinctive style is still evident.

Below are a dozen photos of this program, both macro- and select detail views, presented without commentary. I'd like to let the wonder and joy of this piece speak for itself.

1 Speaking of World's Fair ephemera, one of the loveliest iPad apps I've ever downloaded was this one from the New York Public Library's BIBLION Project. A 1939 World's Fair app full of photos, timelines, articles, and other pieces of history. Highly recommended.

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