Monday, August 27, 2012

Metapost: Some blogs you should check out

Just a quick note on the most recent five new blogs I've added to my Google Reader:
  • Seven Miles of Steel Thistles
    • I'm Katherine Langrish, the author of several fantasy novels for children and young adults... I started 'Seven Miles of Steel Thistles' - with some trepidation - in November 2009.  The name comes from a phrase in an Western Irish fairytale called 'The King Who had Twelve Sons'... In 'Steel Thistles' I indulge my love of fairytales, folklore, fantasy, myths, legends, and children's literature.  I'm very glad I started it - I've had a lot of fun, met some lovely people, and learned a lot. (
  • A Funkaoshi Production 
    • My name is Ramanan Sivaranjan. I live in Toronto, and write about the city often. I attended school at the University of Waterloo, where I completed a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics (Combinatorics & Optimization if Math is too vague for you). I now work as a software developer. I watch lots of movies, attend lots of concerts, and surf on the internet a bit too much. This site is reflection of these habits. (
  • Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
    • Dr Beachcombing lives part of his time in the village of Little Snoring in an undisclosed English county (not Norfolk…) and the rest of his time in an undisclosed village in Tuscany.  He likes villages. He is particularly curious about the strange and the unexpected in records of the past: exceptions that prove or disprove rules. He increasingly suspects that there are no rules, but that’s another story... Over the years he has put together several bulging filing cabinets full of these strange and unexpected details. (
  • Accidental Mysteries at The Design Observer Group Blog
    • Accidental Mysteries is an online curiosity shop of extraordinary things, mined from the depths of the online world and brought to you each week by John Foster, a writer, designer and longtime collector of self-taught art and vernacular photography.(
  • Wonders & Marvels 
    • Wonders & Marvels began humbly as a website related to an undergraduate course on the “History of Medicine: From Aristotle to the Enlightment,” taught by Holly Tucker in fall 2008 at Vanderbilt University... Wonders & Marvels is now a place for specialists and non-specialists to revel in the stories of the past. (
Most of these blogs were discovered through a new Twitter friend of mine, @fiona_lang, and they've all enriched my daily news reading inestimably.

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