Friday, August 24, 2012

The Cellular Phones of Reservoir Dogs

I was watching Reservoir Dogs last night and of course one thing leaped out at me on this, my... I dunno, maybe 12th or 15th viewing? OH THOSE CELL PHONES. (Click to enlarge.)

Nice Guy Eddie (the late great Chris Penn) appears to have the Motorola DynaTAC, first introduced in 1983, which would make sense as the scion of a mob boss; he'd be a flashy early adopter. Mr. Orange/Freddy, the undercover cop played by Tim Roth also somewhat surprisingly also has a cell phone, which appears to be the much more "modern" MicroTAC, released in 1989 and known as the first "flip phone." Well, maybe second. I would imagine the L.A.P.D. would want Mr. Orange to a) be able to contact them at any time in an emergency and b) look like a hotshot drug dealer/thief with the latest tech.

Non-ancient technology related observations: 1) I love the Iron Man and Thing figurines on Mr. Orange's side table (especially since the previous scene is the Marvel-loving Mr. Orange directly comparing mob boss Lawrence Tierney to The Thing). 2) Is anyone cooler than Harvey Keitel in this movie? If you went to college in the early 90s and had the Mr. White poster on your dorm room wall, you know what I mean.

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